Heater fan

We stock genuine, second-hand blower motors—otherwise known at heater fans—for late-model BMWs. All sourced from low-KM vehicles.

Most newer blower motors are sold with regulators/resistors included—but older E-Generation stock sold separately.

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Common issues & diagnosis

Blower units are a common issue in BMWs—particularly the E70 X5.

All blower motors—including all E, F and G-Generation parts—are susceptible to corrosion and electrical shorts, but can also can wear out with high-usage.

The earlier E-Generation vehicles had particularly problematic resistor blocks—but BMW has moved on to using more reliable solid-state regulators.

What is the part's function?

The blower motors is part of a vehicle’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system—it is responsible for circulating air throughout the cabin, through the ducts and vents.

It sits within the dash, consisting of a drive motor and fan blades—which it used to distribute either arm air (coming from the heater core) or cool air (coming from the AC systems evaporator.)

The regulator/resistor restricts is used to control the speed of the blower motor.

How to determine fitment compatibility

Model generations typically only have one type of blower unit & regulator—but larger models will have auxiliary motors in the rear of the car, so it’s important to diagnose/order the correct one.

If you want to 100% confirm fitment compatibility of a blower motor, we recommend matching the genuine BMW part numbers from the catalogue. This can be done by decoding your vehicle’s VIN in a BMW EPC (electronic part catalogue.)

If you don’t have access to an EPC, provide our team with your vehicle’s 17-digit VIN—and we’ll check our stock for a compatible match.

Interchangeability between models

Blower units can interchange between some similar models—but different cabin sizes and part size restrictions make interchangeability limited.

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