Control unit/module

We stock a huge range of control units & electronics for E, F and G-Generation BMWs. All parts are genuine, second-hand sourced from low-KM vehicles. These include:

  • Footwell/FRM modules
  • Tailgate lift modules
  • Fuel pump modules
  • Junction boxes
  • CAS modules
  • Lamp control modules
  • Engine control units
  • Integrated supply modules
  • Rear control units
  • Headlight control units, LED modules, driver modules
  • VDC control units
  • Battery terminals, plus pole cables, negative IBS leads
  • Cameras, camera modules
  • PDC/PMA/ultrasonic sensors, PDC modules
  • Lane change sensors

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Common issues & diagnosis

BMWs are prone to electrical issues. Thankfully, most issues are easy to diagnoses due to the electronics having distinct functions and clear fault codes. If you have an undiagnosed electrical issue we highly recommend consulting an independent BMW specialist mechanic. Once you know what the issue is we can check our stock for a replacement component.

What is the part's function?

Each control unit/module performs a unique function. If you have an undiagnosed electrical problem with your BMW we recommend taking it to an independent specialist or consulting the BMW forums.

How to determine fitment compatibility

Cameras, battery cables, park sensors and LED module

Finding a compatible camera, battery cable, PDC/PMA sensor or LED module for your BMW is simple because these items are uncoded. All we need is your vehicle’s VIN.

Control units and modules

Second-hand control units/modules are more complicated to match, as they’re already coded and have different firmware versions installed on them. This means that matching the genuine BMW number from the catalogue won’t suffice.

The best method for matching up a second-hand control unit/module is to get information directly off the physical unit. In most cases, matching up the BMW part number physically on the unit will ensure there is no/minimal coding required.

Sometimes modules with more recent firmware version will work in older vehicle, but this isn’t a hard rule.

Please note that the reason for BMW dealerships only needing your VIN to find a match, is that brand-new control unit/modules come uncoded and with the latest firmware version. This means that they can easily be coded with a basic scan tool.

Interchangeability between models

Within each generation (such as F-generation BMWs) there is high-interchangeability of electronics. For instance, the control unit for the reversing camera system in the F20 1 Series is also used in F25 X3. In most instance as long as the firmware is matched the items can be coded to the car. This is not a hard rule for every control unit/module, so please contact our team to assist you with finding a compatible replacement.

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