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We stock genuine, second-hand AC compressors for late-model BMWs. All sourced from low-KM vehicles.

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Common issues & diagnosis

AC compressors are a common problem in BMWs. The are prone to a number of issues, including leaking seals, worn bearings, electrical faults and (for compressors that have a clutch) clutch failure.

Depending on the exact fault, symptoms of a dead AC compressor can include a loud squealing noise and the AC system simply not working.

What is the part's function?

The AC compressor is part the vehicle’s AC system.

It compresses the warm, low-pressure refrigerant gas coming from the evaporator within the cabin—turning that gas it into a high-pressure vapor, which it sends to the AC condenser to be cooled—and then recirculated back to the evaporator to absorb more warm cabin air.

This compression of the refrigerant is a critical part of the AC system.

How to determine fitment compatibility

Each model generation will have a few different types of AC compressor—mostly to account for different engine types.

Each engine type will usually have two variants of compressor: one with a standard clutch, and another with a magnetic clutch. These compressors sometimes interchange between similar engines, both within the model generation and outside of it—but other times they’re unique to a specific vehicle.

The best way to confirm fitment compatibility of an AC compressor is to determine the part number that is physically on your compressor—as BMW EPCs (electronic parts catalogue) will often throw multiple options, and instruct physical inspection of the customer’s part.

Provide our team with your vehicle’s 17-digit VIN and an image of the label on your compressor—and we’ll check our stock for a compatible match.

Interchangeability between models

AC compressors are often interchangeable between models with an alike/similar engine.

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